Create/import/edit JASRAC works

JASRAC. work importer/editor into MusicBrainz + MB-JASRAC-音楽の森-NexTone links + MB back search links

One click imports JASRAC works into MusicBrainz (name, iswc, type, credits, edit note, sort name, search hint) and マス歌詞®(mass-lyric) and wikipedia links. It will do the same magic in work editor. Work links to both JASRAC and 音楽の森 / ongakunomori / music forest / minc / magic db and back to MB

(description from source code)

:warning: Most features are currently unavailable, see bottom of the post for a list of broken features. :sob:

Continuing the discussion from Work Identifier Codes:

The script that did that is jasrac-mb-minc_WORK-IMPORT-CROSS-LINKING (click Raw to install).

It used to import everything about a work (attributes, relationships and aliases), when either adding or editing.

But, after MBS, and then even JASRAC changes, it now does not do much, unfortunately (check out the known issues).

Current Main issues

RAAAAH !! (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ 彡┻━┻

No more relationships import

Now the import will only create ISWC, JASRAC work code and the title (that you usually need to fix).
No relationships are created any more (since JASRAC new site).

No more work summary for MBS work edit page

Due to a complete JASRAC site revamp.
Which probably broke even more features (import restored without relationships).

No more aliases

It became impossible to seed MBS work page by POST, so aliases support has gone. I had to choose between JASRAC ID and aliases.

No more automatic relationship changes on work edit

I don’t remember why, maybe since a MBS work edit page revamp.

No more MB work search by JASRAC ID

Now JASRAC ID are work attribute (good) but are not searchable (bad)? :wink:

This script has been partially fixed now but is back to VERY EXPERIMENTAL status!
Work credits are back on import (not on edit yet).
Aliases are still disabled (maybe forever?).

Most cross-links might be broken

Due to MINC site revamp.

:scream: :roll_eyes: :expressionless: :sob: :rofl: :yawning_face: :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:


So how long do you think it might take to potentially restore the importer from Jasrac or in worst case scenario build up from scratch due to the revamp

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I’m very sorry but I have been mostly doing only quick and easy fixes at the moment.
This one is too big fix for too few users, compared to mb. ALL LINKS (more often used and I guess there are more users) @yvanzo feature integration that I really want to continue in priority over any other big changes.

I know it’s not obvious, but you can still click the BROKEN titled import button.
It will at least fill in the ISWC and JASRAC work code.

But no longer any relationships, indeed.
I don’t know if/when I will be able to restore this feature (import new work and edit work, from JASRAC work page).

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