Cream, Disraeli Gears

Mother’s Lament is 2:01 in stereo. 1:48 was, as far as I know, the mono version.
I tried editing, but it seems to have refused me.

Added edit notes… click on the recording, every other copy is showing as 1:48. Including those with DiscIDs. You seem to have an unusual vinyl.

And your edit is not “refused”, it is just open for seven days for other people to comment on. See the Open Edits link on the right hand side.

I have this one. :slight_smile:

That is fairly unique then. When you listen to the audio, does it go to the end of the track? Or is there a gap of a few seconds to separate from the mono that follows?

(Personally I use Audacity for looking at stuff like this)

You should cancel that edit on the LP though. If you don’t have that in hand, you can’t really check it.

I have the CD with both versions.

I can mail them to you, if you want to check,

I’ve been listening to both of them, and I think both are in mono, the longer one just have silence from 1:48. That’s a strange one.

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I think that seems fairly normal. The few seconds gap lets you know the Stereo album has ended before the Mono album starts.

This way it means all the Stereo versions - vinyl and CD - are all the same recording. Pretty common.

Here is a Bjork CD I own:

That one has a track 11 with a minute of silence that plays after it. It is so it separates the original “last track” of the CD from the added bonus track that was popped on the later release. When ripped this makes the track look a minute longer than it really is. Otherwise the exact same recording plays that is on other editions.