Cover arts and orientation


While trying to upload some covers I saw that after upload they don’t appear as they should do.

ex: Release “เพลงอมตะเงินล้าน โปงลาง, ชุด 2” by คณะ หนุ่มมะพร้าวห้าว สาวดอกคูณ - Cover Art - MusicBrainz

While in preview mode the cover appears in the correct orientation but after it is turned again. I tried reupload changing the EXIF metadata orientation tag but it still happening.

Is someone aware of this and if so, how to have the cover displayed with the proper orientation?


What image program do you edit with? I’d just do a clean “save as” to reset any confuddled EXIF data.

Those images are ODD. There seems to three ways to be up? Is the blue FS supposed to be at the top?

Have you noticed, click on the Internet Archive and they get rotated correctly (but thumbnail is still wrong - clicky on the green text below)

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Known issue (unfortunately), currently you would have to rotate it within an editing program (unless someone knows of another method to get around this)


Thanks for your answers, from them I understand there is no need to try reupload them since they are correctly displayed on Internet Archive, just a display issue on MBz.

Voted for the tiket

Nomacs and/or digiKam
PS: As you may know, there are many buggy apps which are recompressing jpg instead of updating metadatafield when rotating an image

I’d recommend properly rotating the image itself instead of setting the orientation EXIF metadata anyway. A lot of tools has trouble with that, so rotating the image data offers best compatibility and makes the cover image more useful for everyone.

JPEG data can be losslessly rotated and most image tools can perform this.


It usually means trying to remove the EXIF orientation tag. And lossless rotate.

Jpeg sometimes include a thumbnail, it can be misleading after this operation.

Maybe remove it, if needed and if the tool allows it?

Also, some tools allow for jpeg lossless crop, it can be very useful, too.

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