Cover art uploading problems; '⚠ Error uploading image' and a stuck uploading process

Since yesterday i have some problems uploading cover art and get
and s stuck
a lot.

if i try enough times, sometime it will work. just wanted to ask if someone has the same problems.


It’s working fine for me at the moment


Thanks, maybe its my current setup.

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What is the format of the file (jpg, PDF,…)?
Do you have unconsistent connection?
Are you touching the local files before the end of the upload?

right now 99% runs through the userscript ‘MB: Enhanced cover art uploads’. discogs and allmusic mainly. so they only get saved temporarily.

i suspected my connection or temp folder since i am using my work pc right now.

Could be as your error (showing upload status progress) remember the one I got when I upload and “stupidly” delete the files from my temp folder before it’s finished.

1 Like is having a lie down… currently offline. Likely connected with what you saw earlier this week.

As the archive gets used for all kinds of things I think some days it just suffers massive load issues and goes a little quiet.

All artwork on MB is currently AWOL and click on links to the Internet Archive leads to pages that don’t load. No doubt it will be back soon once they have fed the server hamsters.

(This post is mainly a Public Service Announcement for anyone who can’t see the pretty pictures today 25th August…)


Should be back up now according to the IA discord server

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There is a CAA status page, with a red line indicator; For next time you are wondering about its recent availability:

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