Cover Art upload: Server busy, try again later

For those who don’t know yet, we can monitor if the Cover Art Archive (CAA) server is OK or not with these CAA server stats where, if you see the red line above the green line, it means that you are not the only one to get those error messages while trying to upload some images / photos.

3h stats

If I understand correctly, the green line are the successful uploads and the red line are the dissuaded uploads.

BTW I’ve just noticed that the add-cover-art page was currently showing this:

Warning: The Cover Art Archive is currently experiencing difficulties. Adding images for this release is unlikely to work at the moment.


I can’t make sense of half of the stats on this page.

Are these for CAA only, or for the whole of the Internet Archive?

The whole of But note that the IA does not have special servers dedicated to the CAA as I understand it, so downtime/busy-ness on one part of will affect all/most other parts (like the CAA).