Cover Art types query

Am I missing something… was uploading some artwork for vinyl releases… there’s no cover time for the inside of a gatefold type release though?

I’ve just added it as type other.


Not missing anything - gatefolds have no way of naming them. Same with CDs. Gets more confusing when you have a triple gatefold. I just use “other” and the comment field.

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There is already a style proposal, the major obstacle seems to be finding a good name and description:

Personally I would name the new type “Panel”.


I would be happy with any name if only the new typ is implemented. :slight_smile:

Personally I would tend to Gatefold - this name is commonly known. Panel would need explanation.

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But if it were “Gatefold” then it would be weird using it for the left inside panel on a digipak. :wink:


I see Digipaks as a gatefold type with a plastic tray glued to the inside. :smile:

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When you have a four way digipak I can see how Panel would help. There are eight images for something like that so you’d still need to use the comment field to tell them apart. I also try and post a full width (stitched) shot in most cases to show how they go together

Would a four way fold out digipak for a double album therefore have a front, rear, two trays and four panels?

Does “panel” translate okay? Does it make sense in other languages? Gatefold is a more recognisable term. Panel seems to be easier to work with.

I have plenty of odd examples on my own shelf

Four part digipak, two CDs: Release “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” by The Orb - Cover art - MusicBrainz

Four way digipak with four CDs in it: Release “EMI Special Markets Presents a World of Music” by Various Artists - Cover art - MusicBrainz

Three panel example, in a o-card slipcase: Release “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” by The Orb - Cover art - MusicBrainz

(Also wonders about O-Card\Slipcase as seen in those above Orb examples, J-Cards as seen in singles…)

Is it panel and not pane?
I usually write panes in the comments, I think, but I must have been wrong, then?

I have seen “8 panel digipak” written on Discogs a lot. They like counting each side. And I think that comes from other industry selling pages describing the package types. What Is A Digipak CD?

Pane is more for windows.

(For some reason my head is telling me a “pane” is something you see though. We also talk of “fence panels” in the UK)


“Panel” is also a German word, although it rather means both sides of the thing. But that wouldn’t be a problem if it refers to scan images. :wink: