Cover art type for visible jewel case

This question was asked in a thread on a related topic. It got a few replies, but it didn’t seem to come to a resolution.

I don’t think a type for images that show the plastic case would be all that valuable. I don’t think the images showing the case are all that valuable. If the original case gets cracked, it might get replaced, so how do you know if an image is showing the original case for the release? Does anyone even care? If two identical items have slightly different cases, does that mean a separate release in MB? God, I hope not.

I’ve generally marked images showing the jewel case as “raw/unedited” when I come across them. I’m undecided whether it should also be marked “front.” If there’s a clean image of the cover (without the case), I move it to the first position, so it will be used as the release image.

This came up when I came across these edits, where a cover is being replaced with a cover showing the jewel case. I don’t think a cover showing the case is better than one that doesn’t.


In principle, I agree, it’s not better, c̶o̶v̶e̶r̶s̶ cases are standard as a norm so rather pointless to include them. Exceptions exists, sure, I have a few in my collection too.
In this case it is different though as the image without the case does not comply with our house rules. So IMHO the image of a real item showing also the case is better than a mock-up or a manipulated one.


I upload way too much art. Got another three CDs in the editor later today. :smiley: I mark images with cases as “front, other”

The few rare occasions I upload one is when there is something unusual. Like a coloured tray. Or when Division Bell added braille to the tray. A normal plain tray I don’t bother.

Also make an appearance when a sticker is applied to the outside of the box, then a “front, sticker, other”

One other occasion I would consider uploading it is when you have a clear case and the title is only seen when you look at the whole due to it being printed on the tray. Sometimes you get the artwork of the booklet that does not have a title on it. The only place the title appears is showing through from the tray behind. Only problem is they don’t pick up on a scanner well otherwise I’d add more like this.

I don’t see a problem with having extra art. Sometimes a case shot can bring useful information. I certainly would not mark these as raw\unedited.

With the two example edits, I’ve posted my votes on those. The image being used was a digital mock-up which was not from the release. As a case shot is the only real one available then that is better than an image of the wrong shape and source.


PoV: The Preacher’s Wife: Original Soundtrack Album with lenticular jewel case front.