Cover art problem

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The cover art on this release was last updated 3 years ago, but it’s not showing up here:

I can click through to the original artwork, but not the thumbnails.

Is this likely to resolve itself? Should I try removing the artwork and readding it?

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There was a wrong image added in March 2017 (id: 16271260173).
In May 2017 someone noticed and replaced it (id: 16804810460)

For some reason the index.json wasn’t updated which caused the thumbnail generation to fail.

    "images": [{
        "comment": "",
        "approved": true,
        "types": [
        "thumbnails": {
            "large": "",
            "small": ""
        "back": false,
        "image": "",
        "front": true,
        "id": 16271260173,
        "edit": 44375231
    "release": ""

Internet Archive files and history pages for reference:

Note: The old images are still there due to a bug


So is there a solution? Or do we have to wait for it to get fixed on the back end?

Seems it can’t hurt to try and upload the image again and see if that fixes it.

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Well, I uploaded it again, which worked AND made the old one show up. So I canceled the new one and the old one is happy now. :sunglasses: