Cover art ordering helper “mb. SHOW CAA COMMENTS IN REORDER PAGE”

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@InvisibleMan78, I have received your e‐mail about the mb. SHOW CAA COMMENTS IN REORDER PAGE not working any more with new MBS release.

I have commited the source to my git before going on fixing it but then when I tested it, it seems that it still works for me.

Could you give me more details on your setup (link to a NG reorder page, OS and browser details), please?

※ It’s easier here than by using MB profile send email feature, isn’t it? :wink:

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You are right, @jesus2099. Your script still works - if I activate Greasemonkey :flushed:
For some unknown reason, Greasemonkey was completely deactivated. The Monkey-Icon was just a little bit greyed out. I didn’t realized the difference. Shame on me and sorry!


LOL, no problem, @InvisibleMan78. :sunglasses:


Well, if I were – just hypothetically – committing a silly blunder … I’d rather have that stay confined to private mail, than recorded in some forum for posteriority.

Just saying. Not that this situation would ever come up.


(Sorry for the necro-post).

Curious — does that script have a new home? Google couldn’t find it for me, and the link is to the old forums…

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It is now at least in my github (click the Raw button to install):

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