Cover Art Issue

So, I have upgraded to the new version of Picard and appreciate the cover art options. I am having some interesting issues though. I have looked through the forum and not found a solution or post on this.

I have a new song with cover art already embedded I want to tag with MB tags. I uploaded a cover to MusicBrainz for the album. The album shows cover 1 image in Picard. I click save (I have clear tags setting on) and it clears the image and then show 0 image. See pictures. There is also no option to preserve image or use original for cover art available. The original cover art shows up and then is gone after save. I have even set the cover options all “all” and still does same thing.

MB Release Link

This is the setting I am using for Cover Art and it still does not load an image.
picard 3

Forgot to add the error note that shows under the cover art more information error tab.

CAA JSON error: Error downloading - server replied: Not Found

The cover art shows up on Music Brainz without any problem and I can open it up directly in without issue and it shows as loaded from Cover Art Archive.

Currently, there is no option to preserve artwork if you have “clear existing tags” setting enabled. However such feature is being looked into:

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the error you’re getting, but I’m pretty sure other people would be able to (after they notice this thread).

That URL works for me now—if you try again is it working? Sometimes the cover art processing gets backlogged, and you have to wait a bit for Picard to be able to find it. If you haven’t waited long enough, you get those 404 errors.

It works now. Surprised it took so long. Haven’t seen that previously. Usually when it shows up on the web page is is up in Picard as well.

It would still be nice if the program would indicate that cover art was missing. In the screenshot I posted you can see where is shows 1 image and then after save it shows 0 images. The cover art box only shows the current embedded cover but does not indicate it will be overwritten/deleted. Two cover art panels - one before and one after just like the rest of the tags.

Thanks for the replies.

There is the option in picard for the cover art archive to “only download approved images”.
With this option set you will only get cover art that has been added and gone through the normal edit proces of 7 days or 3 votes.
As you have just added the cover art it has not yet been applied as the accepted cover art.

Clear this option and your cover art that you just added will be available in picard.

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Works now, seems to be related to a lot longer than expected lag to update.

Still an issue where it shows 1 image as can be seen on original upload but realistically does not save one. Regardless of settings - even when set to download any image available regardless of approved or not. It should show current and replacement with replacement being blank so that you know what is up.

If it shows 1 image, then I expect it to download and save one. Not switch to zero images and delete the existing one. For now I have resolved my immediate issue and I use a side program to manage the short comings. Just figure I should post the issue for awareness if others are seeing the same thing.