Country flags missing since newest beta server version?

Do you miss the country flags too?

IIRC there has been country flags around the two letter country codes.
Maybe that has been some magic from one of the Jesus-Userscripts?


No flags here too - I think they have run out due to all the DM release countries being added :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Logos for links are also down, clearly some issue with static images. Hopefully can be fixed in a day or two :slight_smile:


Why are these as images instead of using the unicode flag characters?

To use these you just need to use the two character country code and use the flag character for each letter.
To display the Australian flag the country code is AU and you have a Unicode flag A U+1F1E6 and a Unicode flag U U+1F1FA and when these are one after another it displays the Australian flag :australia:


Support for advanced Unicode features such as flag combiners or fancy emoji is not something you can rely on, especially e.g. for older mobile devices. If you look at the HTML, even Discourse replaces the flag emoji with an image.

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Flags are back in stock. Beta container was borked.


Seems like the issue also seems to be in the normal site for both the flags and logos for links.


Can you post an example?
I see icons on links and flags as well.
It must have been fixed within the last fourty minutes.

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Thanks for reporting, I just fixed it on the normal website, going to fix it on the beta website now.


Has the UK flag been changed in this update? Or did it always say GB?

Why do we select United Kingdom (UK) as the release country, and then this is changed to Great Britain (GB) on the display? I hadn’t noticed that before, but this is not technically correct. They are different countries.

UK includes Northern Ireland whereas GB doesn’t. (And other complications which you can read about if bored

To avoid confusion, I would suggest going back to UK instead of GB. :slight_smile:

Otherwise you are cutting the whole country of Northern Ireland out of the database. And if you include NI as a separate entity, then the Welsh and Scottish will be after you for separation. Then it will be the Cornish and it may never end. Nah… really… better say out of the confusion that is the UK “countries” :smiley:

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I think it’s always been that way. GB is the official ISO country code for the UK.


See GB it as a code, not as the abbreviation of Great Britain.
UK is the label for this code.
GB is also an abbreviation for Great Britain, but here it’s really a code, like UK is the code for Ukrainia, IIRC, or XW is the code for worldwide.


The code for Ukraine / Ukrainia is UA. Although GB is the preferred code for the United Kingdom, the code UK is reserved for them also, as noted in the wikipedia article chaban referenced:

Though GB is the United Kingdom’s ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, UK is exceptionally reserved for the United Kingdom on the request of the country.


The old Consistent Confusion again. :smiley: Our domains are .uk and trying to find the country on a list can be comical at times. Some use United Kingdom, others Great Britain. We are a complex combination.

But if this is standards based, then I’ll go away. The madness of “standards” again. :smiley:

I know it is GB on the sticker that is put on a car when travelling. Just surprised this is same in IT systems. Must really annoy people from Northern Ireland.

I assume other countries get swapped in similar ways?