Could I share my metadata dream?

This might not be appropriate for MB, but I will post it here anyway in case it is something worth considering. And most people here seem to love metadata anyway, so I will share my metadata dream with my fellow metadata enthusiasts.

I LOVE music videos. I have a massive collection that I play on shuffle on my TV while browsing my phone before bed. I never got to enjoy MTV when it was all about music videos so I made my own version. I often see things in music videos that I really like, be it places, general themes, even objects, and end up making myself playlists for these things of all the videos I come across with them. It’s far from an ideal setup, but it’s the best I can do with what I have.

I’ve long wanted a site that supported more data for music videos. There is IMVDB, but they only really seem to track basic credits, and they also have a much different system than MB where edits all need to be approved, and in my experience new additions can go months without being approved. There is AudioDB, but it mostly just pulls MB data, then has additional info like bios and images, you can link youtube MVs to songs, but that’s about it. MusicBrainz however tracks just as much if not more as it has a much more flexible system. But so far as I can see, it’s still just technical data and credits.

My dream is having a comprehensive tagging system for music videos. I would love to be able to tag EVERYTHING. And not just basic tags, but categorized tags. Like… You could have location tags. This music video takes place in the desert, or on a train, or in a bedroom, etc. You could have object tags. This video contains a car, this one has a phone. You could have fashion tags. This video the person is wearing blue jeans, a cowboy hat, this one a person is wearing platforms and bell bottoms. You could have story based tags, like this video is a western, this video has murder, this video has romance. And so on.

But then… more. Levels of said tags. This video takes place on a train… could be elaborated to having it as a sub tag for a subway car. An object like a car could have a subtag with the it being a sedan, or a muscle car and then further to make, or even year and model. Clothing could have sub tags that say what brand, color, etc. That way you can search for stuff in a more general sense like all train videos, or more specific with the type of train.

Have you ever remembered a music video and you only remember a few parts? Like you’re trying to remember that video that had a quarray in it, or that video where people had cargo pants and there was graffiti, or one with a bedroom that had pinkish/red walls and an old phone with a keypad, or the video where all the members of a group were wearing beanies with cat ears? Or that video that takes place in a library/bookstore? Imagine you had a site like this to search. (And these examples are from 1 genre specific reddit sub, from the last week, and I am sure I missed some)

Or maybe you like themes as well, and you want to see every music video with muscle cars in it. Or every music video that takes place on a tropical beach for that summer MV playlist. Or maybe you’re doing a study on product placement and want to find examples of companies doing that.

Or maybe you are into fashion and are thinking about getting your hair done in a different way, and want to see a bunch of examples of a specific hair style you can show your hair stylist so they get your mullethawk just right. Or maybe you like getting in arguments of who wore it first and want to find proof to back your argument. Or maybe you want to find a video that takes place on a glacier in greenland where there is a giraffe eating an ice cream cone while a holographic singer wearing a barney onesie flies around in an X-Wing fighter. Filter with a mix of tags of varying detail and depth till you find the desired results!

And there is lots of talk about song recommendations for LB. With this information you could give good music video recommendations(rather than how youtube just recommends the same videos you’ve already seen many times).

Also, there is acoustic fingerprints for music. For music videos it would be cool if there was some software you could have analyze your videos, and it produced a color palette(this idea stolen from my favourite wallpaper site that generates a palette for each wallpaper) and then find videos with similar palettes(I literally have a playlist about colors).

Also thinking about all fancy new “AI” programs and wondering if one could have them generate a detailed list of tags for music videos automagically.

Sorry for my wall of text, I just wanted to paint a complete picture with examples of how it could be useful.


a small bit of this could be achieved today with folksonomy tags and a bit of work. for example, there’s editors that tag releases with a car on cover, the cause of an artist’s death, kaomoji titles, or even singing fish. granted, you can’t search by multiple tags as of now, nor can you easily browse tags (without a search), but these would be quite useful features, I think. (even outside of this metadata dream)


On the note of tracking what’s in a video, down to the extremely specific (‘two cats appear five seconds in…’), it seems that’s how modern social video works, and how platforms keep you hooked, according to this podcast:

It would be cool to see this kind of tech open sourced but it would need its own project. Anyone got a few mil spare??

On the simpler note of tagging/sorting music videos, doesn’t MB and Picard support that already? Listenbrainz too, if it’s a recording you can submit it. Get stuck in :grin:

For the more complex relationships and so on, I like where LB is headed. Rather than wait for a player (or video metadata) to catch up, we can display lots of interesting information as we listen, via LB. I don’t see why this couldn’t work for video someday (except for the lack of developer time, in terms of MeB)