Correctness of a release

There is a question I would like to get some opinions on, prompted by the following edit:

This release was originally added by me. I was fully aware of its non-official status on the add. Another editor has made 3 edits which caused it to come to my attention. I believe it uncovered some issues with the release that have been outlined on the named edit above.

Please review that edit and the release as a whole. My questions are first and foremost, is this actually a release. Second is how to handle the release, if it is to be considered one. I believe there are a lot of details tied to it, but feel free to ask and I can provide what I have, from my digital copy, to support what I added. There is also a good deal of information on Google via a simple search.

Any help would be appreciated. I am now questioning the validity of my add in the first place, and if it is valid, I want to ensure it is in the database properly with a solid consensus of editors. Thanks.

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Hi @thwaller
Well, it’s definitely not a pseudo-release and is a release. As to whether to mark it as a bootleg or official you might want to see this old discussion

Basically you can argue it’s official because the game itself is official or you can argue it’s a bootleg because the music’s been extracted and distributed electronically (rather than a disc you can just play by sticking in a normal player). All the Tony Hawk’s releases seem to be bootlegs’s&type=release_group&method=indexed
That discussion’s assuming this is a rip of the game and not just a fan compilation based on the same tracklist (in which case it’s definitely a bootleg release)

And it should be a soundtrack and the name looks off given the cover art.

Well, I would agree on calling it bootleg, based on what I have all learned. If that is correct, how would one determine the track listing? When I did the add, I used a reference, and attached that reference. Searching has uncovered a few different versions of this “release”. To my knowledge given available facts, they all appear fan made comps. So, for argument, let us say we have 10 different versions, meaning differences in track listing. Do we then need to add all 10 of these? At what point is the line drawn? And how is the “correct” one selected?

We don’t need to add any more, but we can if they’re notable enough. So it’s up to you and other editors to decide what’s worth adding and keeping. Sorry if that’s not the clean cut answer you are looking for. See also

There might be a question about whether they all go in the same release group, and the release date shouldn’t be the game release date (I expect).

Ok, I believe I know a way to handle this. The editor that made the edits on my add, I think to take his lead. Make the release in the order of the game release, and add the appropriate references. From there, all others would be most fan-made. We have the cover, release details (some you provided here), we can get the track ordering from the game order, and from there, locate legit references, also siting the game itself on the release group. At that point, should someone feel there is need to add an additional release version, they can to the group. But, I would think all are a bootleg soundtrack of the game.