Correcting track order

I own this JJ Johnson release:

The MB entry matches what is printed on the disc and case, however, 4 of the first 5 tracks are incorrect. The first track is labeled Old Devil Moon, but is actually Too Marvelous For Words; Old Devil Moon is actually found on track #3, and so on. No titles are missing, they’re just in the wrong places.

Attempting to reorder the tracks tells me “This medium has one or more discids which prevent this information from being changed.” What’s the recommended approach for this?

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It could be that you have a version of this release with a different track order. There seem to be three releases in that release group with different track orders, so a fourth option isn’t that unlikely. If you release is not exactly the same as any of the present ones, you should add a new one.


You may be right. Looking more at the release, the timings on the disc ID are consistent with the track listing as printed; however, the track list timings match what’s actually on my disc. Old Devil Moon clocks at 3:54 which matches track 1 of the disc ID and track 3 in the track list.

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So here’s what I am thinking I should do:

  • create a new release based on this one
  • move the release date, label, catalog #, and barcode (all of which I added) from the existing release to the new one
  • fix the track ordering on the new release and add an annotation regarding the misprint
  • fix the track timings on the existing release to match the disc ID (and therefore the listed track order)

Anyone have thoughts on that?


Yes, create a new release with the tracks in the order you have.
There is the occasional case where in a different country they order the tracks differently.

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!Yes please!
If you can find the release (on Discogs or similar) that the other track order actually represents that would be great, then we can add enough details to it so no-one else is confused in future. I added some details (eg Discogs link + scans) not realizing the information (barcode etc) already on it might not be correct.
If the track order on your version is misprinted it would be good to add a annotation on it mentioning that as well.

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Thanks for the feedback. The misprinted disc I have isn’t listed on discogs. (The later 2001 reissue orders the first tracks as on my disc, but moves all the alternate takes to the end.) I will definitely add an annotation.


Okay, I’ve made the edits as described above.

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I’m a bit confused, these two discID’s don’t look like they’ve had tracks swapped around:
One has tracks that are longer, definitely, but not much longer (perhaps longer gaps or a slightly different version) and it seems to indicate that the tracklist is the same.
Sorry for the hassle, but if we clear it up now it will save a headache later.

I’m leaning towards these really being the same release, but you’re the first one to pick up the misprint/wrong track order, especially if your back cover matches:
Correct me if I’m wrong though!

It’s pretty close in some cases, but look at track #4 in particular - it’s a 30 second difference. And all the discrepancies match up with the different tracks as printed and recorded on my version (e.g. Too Marvelous clocks at 3:38 on my disc, and track 4, where it’s supposed to be, is 3:37 on the other disc ID).

Specifically the tracks that are out of order are: 1, 3, 4 and 5.

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Incidentally, someone else somewhere has noticed the error, as iTunes shows the correct track names when I insert the disc.

You are right, my mistake, I clearly was not paying close attention at all :wink: