Correct obviously wrong ISRCs?

I often find (or submit) ISRCs that are obviously wrong, but that my CD drive thinks are correct.

In this example

the ISRC is a duplicate with

and should very probably end with “13”.

Should these be corrected under the assumption that my indivitual CD or CD drive is at fault? Or better left alone, because it is a mis-pressing?

Do you have another drive ? Some drives often read incorrectly the same ISRC for two adjacent tracks.
One of my drive used to do this, and I realized afterward that it was also reading wrong vendor codes everywhere, which is more concerning.

In any case, I don’t think you should “guess” the correct ISRC. If you’re confident your drive only duplicate some ISRCs, but read them correctly, you can try re-submitting them (re-reading them) : the duplicates are not the same each time. Then you can clean up the duplicates.

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As @Heurtebise says with good advice, you have come across the ISRC slide down bug that happens with isrcsubmit.exe for many CD drives (especially the slim CD drives).
You may use mediatools.exe (homepage seems down? I should upload it somewhere) or to see correct ISRC table for your CD.

If being unsure about the correct code you could check if it could be found with (lookup by code). With Spotify you could search this by typing isrc:HKI190057912 to search field. According to both of these HKI190057912 is “La fatal pietra”.

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@jesus2099: I am using, which, in my case relies on cdrdao.

@Heurtebise: the guess was pretty well-founded, as the last two digits of every track in this box set was equal to the track number … except for this duplicate.

Looking up HKI190057913 on the ifpi site (thanks for the link!) proofs that it was the intended ISRC for this recording.

I still have the nagging question whether it is more likely that my individual copy (or drive) contains the wrong ISRC (small errors occur) … or that an error happened during production, which resulted in all copies sporting this particular mistake.

If the latter, maybe it would be better to leave the wrong ISRC on the recording?


It is just a CD drive not being accurate, it often happens with most slim CD drive for instance. My full size NEC CD/DVD burner for instance does not have this flaw, my earlier full size LITEON writers neither.
But all the slim readers/writers I have had in my office PC are flawed.

So, cdrdao cannot overcome these shortcomings, it is like isrcsubmit.exe.
mediatools.exe is the way to go; it seems you can find it in @JonnyJD big zip now that official @simonf host is down.

If you do not use Windows, as it s a Windows program, just retry until you can see no duplicates.


Ok, since we assume the error is on my side, I’ll just replace the ISRC with the correct one.

If there is a mastering error leading to engraved mistake, it is OK that the MB recording features both the correct and the incorrect ISRC, as it would be submitted in the future anyway.
But with a recording annotation explaining. :slight_smile:

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