Correct Artist vs Artist on Release


I’ve had a look through the documentation and can’t find an answer to this so hoping someone can help out.

What are the rules for where the artist actually credited on a release is not accurate?

As an example, on CD7 of Blur - 10 Year Anniversary Box Set tracks 2 to 7 are credited as the main artist, Blur, which is how it is printed on this release, but referring back to the original releases of the single Sunday Sunday we can see that in fact the tracks were originally credited as Blur feat. Seymour.

Would it be an acceptable edit to change the artist credits on Blur - 10 Year Anniversary Box Set to match the original credit of Blur feat. Seymour?


I would use just Blur as the track artist on the box set, but if it is actually the same recording I would reuse the recording and use Blur feat. Seymour as the recording artist. If they are different recordings I would just use Blur as both the track and recording artist.

It is more important to get the relationships right, so please add this Seymour with the appropriate relationship.


There’s a similar discussion going on concerning a recording by Falco
see: and predecessor

Question is whether the use the earliest artist credit or the most common one.
Maybe someone can help us out here too.

If this was performed by a band (being two or more persons) then I think the band is the Recording Artist.
If it was a solo by a member of a band then I’d go with the soloist’s name.
If Falco was the only person performing the music which was recorded I’d put Falco as the Recording Artist.
If a single musical note, percussion strike or vocalisation from another band member is on the recording then I’d use the band as Recording Artist.

I conceive of Recording Artists as pretty objectively determined - Milli Villi can be credited as the Release Artist but if Susan Boyle is actually the singer then she gets credited as a Recording Artist. And if Mr Villi and Mr Milli have made none of the sound which is on the recording then they aren’t credited as Recording Artists.


Falco was the lonely Artist of this recording - as you can see on discogs of the orginal Album:
“Vocals, Lyrics By, Music By – Falco” at the track “Ganz Wien” are linked to Falco.…

And “Einzelhaft” was released under the Artist Falco - also the track “Ganz Wien”:…

It was released on the album from Drahdiwaberl first and under the Name of the band.
The english Version was released as a single - with the solo Artist “Falco”.

On the Release “Einzelhaft” from 1982 and all coming releases the german recording was released - with Artist “Falco” or “Drahdiwaberl & Falco”.
All Recordings of this song are actually linked to Drahdiwaberl, even the remastered version of Einzelhaft (25th Anniversary Edition) from 2007.
In my opinion this is not correct.


why would we not list the proper artist and then use the “credited as” to list it the way the album states