Confusion Around Track Length

I’ve ripped the 2006 release of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” and the final track (#17) comes it at 2:57. The AccurateRip results show no issues. However, when I load the disc into Picard it shows that track as 5:26. I think it might be getting confused because the disc is an enhanced CD.

I think Picard was used by someone to submit the disc, so the CD release shows the track length as 5:26. Consequently, I’m seeing a mismatch when trying to import my disc with Beets. A bit confusingly, there are two submitted disc IDs that differ in the length of this track, but neither come close to 5:26 (they show 2:54 and 2:58).

The digital media release shows the track at 2:57, matching what I’ve observed having both ripped the CD and used it in a CD player. I’m unable to edit the track length, getting the message “This medium has one or more discids which prevent this information from being changed.” What’s the best path forward?

I don’t really understand the question but it seems you say the current disc ID are correct because the track is actually 2:5x and not 5:2x long.
So just apply one of the disc IDs (preferably yours), no?

5:2x comes from some old bug:


I would apply the first discid, but either would be fine and would allow for the rippers to match.

Thanks for sharing that context. And I apologize for being vague in my post. I was hesitant to call it a Picard bug and wasn’t sure if there were different pressings that may have had different lengths.

Picard is currently matching my disc against an existing disc ID with the wrong track lengths. I’ve submitted an edit to the track lengths on the disc and will promote that to the release once approved. Those new track durations, however, still mismatch from the digital release and what I’ve seen having ripped the disc. Should I manually override the results from Picard in that case?

I have added discid’s in the past where the times from the art on the back was off enough that EAC would not match. I went in and set the discid but there can be a lag or some kind of caching issue where it was not using the new discid yet. I still see the first or second discid has not been applied, should I apply it?

Oh, looks like I miss-understood and its picard presenting the wrong length. That is due to the discid not being applied to the database, and it appears it needs to be.

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I own some releases on which I can’t use Picard because MB lengths don’t match what’s on my TOC; because the cause isn’t known (bad imported data? actual other existing release?) there’s no real recourse other than to create another release, throwing good data after bad. A lot depends on whether you can find root cause (which you were able to).

Oh, looks like I miss-understood and its picard presenting the wrong length. That is due to the discid not being applied to the database, and it appears it needs to be.

Thanks for taking a look. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything in the UI or in the docs that indicate how to update the DB using a particular disc ID. The best I found was a forum discussion from ~5 years ago indicating the track length on tracklist is an average of all associated tracks. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Must be done logged into the database as an editor.

click on “Disk IDs”

|BT_qfOtv63v776fttvxEG_O7k_4-|17|52:25|Set track lengths | Remove | Move|
|inKL5XBI3gyjHj738QjlUZ1XraU-|17|52:30|Set track lengths | Remove | Move|

Click on the first “Set track lengths” , it has the same track lengths except the last track.

Enter an edit note as to why you are setting it, click “Enter Edit”

As a side note I always evaluate the edit that will take place. It will show you what changes will be made, and until you click “Enter Edit” you can always hit the back button to cancel.


Ahh. I misunderstood what you meant. I’ve done that already. I’ll wait for the voting window to close.

Interesting, I did not see any indication of a open edit waiting on approval. I only saw it when I clicked on open edits. Usually something will be highlighted in yellow to indicate an edit in progress, maybe someone can explain why. When you move out of beginner stage that edit will not require votes. That is why I always look carefully at what lengths are going to change and if something does not look right I investigate to make sure I am correct in what I am changing.

I have added a number of albums that have a hidden track after silence but the back art gives only the length of the shown track. When I apply the discid I will add an annotation telling about the silence and hidden track giving the length of each.