Confused by search

I guess I am doing something odd.

I am on the Pink Floyd page, and click on FILTER to see this box.

I type in Wall… and all I get are the official releases. None of the bootlegs. How do I search bootlegs with the new search? (And yes, I know I can go to the main search, but this one used to work. Unless my memory has totally borked today :crazy_face:)

It is missing most of the concerts and earlier versions of the Wall.

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It is bugged. What you have to do is to first filter the RG’s and then manually add &all=1 at the end of the url and reload the page. They are working on fix, but I just took a look and the work appears to have been stalled since December last year.


Ahah… okay. That kinda makes sense as I think I have a script that sticks that &all=1 onto my Artist pages which lets me see the bootlegs normally.

So where does it go on this URL?

Bingo… Got it. After the Artist MBID, before the filter bit

Excellent. Thanks. Puzzle solved.

(whoops - too much editing and I totally broke that link, but will leave it to help anyone else who hits this puzzle)


Thanks, @IvanDobsky for doing so. Being a beginner, it has been a great help for me.