Confused about "Also performs as" relationship

Let’s assume there are two artists Artist A and Artist B that are aliases of one person.

Therefore I create an Also performs as relationship on Artist A that points to Artist B.

Since both Artist A and Artist B are the same person, I expect this relationship to go both ways, so when I view Artist B, I expect it has an Also performs as relationship that points to Artist A.

In reality, what happens is that Artist B automatically has a Legal name relationship that points to Artist A, which is just not correct because it’s not a legal name it’s an artist name.

Why is that? Is this a bug or wanted behavior? Am I missing something?


The relationship is meant to link the legal name to a performance name. So if there are two performance names there would also need to be one entry for the legal name that then can be linked to both performance names.

In general it should also be considered if it is not better to have one artist entry with multiple aliases added. But that depends a bit on how the artist uses those different performance names and whether they constitute separate musical projects that are worth being kept apart.


I think the relationship needs to be repurposed to not require a legal name. Most artists where this is used to separate projects / types of music have a primary performance name.


it’s also okay to have just a first name for the Legal Name artist, I’ve done this a couple times too.

if one of their aliases seems like it could be a name, you can set that as the legal name too