Conflicting recording credits (how to deal with ...again)

These recordings have to be merged:
Recording “Glassworks: Rubric” by Jon Gibson, Michael Riesman - MusicBrainz
Recording “Glasspieces: Glasspiece #1 (“Rubric”)” by Philip Glass - MusicBrainz
They are confirmed to be the same (see Edit #89854534 - MusicBrainz)

But they have conflicting credits - consistently!
The Glassworks recording has specific credits for Jon Gibson for this track. Other credits are album-wide.
The Glasspieces recording is part of the “Dancepieces” compilation album with credits for the Glasspieces part.¹

The most obvious example are the soprano saxophones:
Jack Kripl plays album-wide on Glassworks and only part 2 of Glasspieces.
Jon Gibson plays Rubric (= part 1) on Glassworks and unrestricted on Glasspieces.
Richard Peck plays no soprano saxophone on Glassworks.

Of course there will be an annotation, but which credits should be kept?

¹) Glasspieces consists of parts taken from Glassworks and Akhnaten - it looks like these credits got mixed up

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This would not be surprising. If a reissue was handed to a third party to write up then errors may have crept in to the booklets.

A “simple” answer is just keep the two recordings, and link them in some way. At least until some other source can be found to confirm the performers. I have bought biographies from EBay before to track stuff like this down (but then I am a little crazy :crazy_face:) Sometimes chasing a performer down to find interviews they have done can help.

Or just dive in and take the most trusted source and go with it.

One thing to always bear in mind when editing MB is your data will then become gospel and be copied out to other sites. I’ve seen typos of mine get into some very surprising places in the past :laughing:


… It was released 4 years later by the original label. Therefore you might think that previous errors were corrected, but I doubt it.
Glasspieces was a ballet, but it did not have its own release (probably too short), so it was originally released as part of Dancepieces. The print gives the impression that it is a new recording, but it is not. That’s confirmed for the Glassworks parts and I suspect that’s also true for the third part. @kevinosinski can tell - the actual Glasspieces version of the Funeral would have no choir:

I have now read some articles and watched YouTube videos. Nobody cares about an orchestra. In the above video the orchestra is not even mentioned (wouldn’t help anyway)

What relationship might be possible for two identical recordings?

And there’s the second part (Façades), already merged (credits from the compilation), and possibly the third part… :roll_eyes:

EDIT: (after further research)
To make clear what we throw away if I “take the most trusted source and go with it” (this would be the original album release)
Only on Dancepieces/Glasspieces Don Christensen is mentioned for playing drums. On Akhnaten (Glasspieces #3) he is named as an engineer at the Living Room, NY. There was “additional recording” at The Living Room, but the album was mainly recorded in Germany and The Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra probably didn’t record in New York. It’s possible that Don Christensen actually contributed additional drums (uncredited)

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