Concert DVD

I am still new, but I will never learn if I don’t ask…
And feel free to point me to a page that answers this if there is one…

How do we enter an entry for a full-length Concert Video?
And if there is a corresponding Concert Audio, do we and how do we link them?
Would the songs be considered the same recording? And what if the video includes stage performers that wouldn’t appear on audio?

And a related question, if there are different releases, do we enter them too?
Not just if they were released all the same but on VHS/DVD/Bluray.
But what if they were all different? For example, I have a 1972 concert that was re-released on DVD in 2000-ish (not in front of me to know exact date) with extra footage, and released digitally/streaming in 2012, again with even more extra footage.

You can add dvd’s to musicbrainz by specifying the medium type to dvd video and specifying the "is video " flag on the recordings.
Add the medium as normal, when you have created the release go to all recordings and click the check box “is video”.

I would have a separate recording for the video version vs the cd release.
If the catalogue numbers, bar-codes etc are different I would add a new release.

Below is an example of cd + dvd from my collection.