Concerns about a recording's merges

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Recording may have been incorrectly merged. which is found in both discogs and arkivmusic sites (linked to the release, I can’t include the links here as I’m only allowed four links :slight_smile: )

they indicate that it was recorded in Decca Studio No. 3, London 1967/7

this edit has placed it All Saints’ Church 1976-10, and it also seems correct for its release.

The recording has three acoustic id’s, and two look visually different. I’m concerned that there may have been an invalid merge.


Most of the similar trouble is caused by wrong recordings selected when creating a new medium. This is a common problem with artists which have recorded the same work multiple times.

I did investigate a little bit and it’s now clear that both (67 & 76) recordings exist.

ISRC codes from

410 180-2 GBF077640313
443 738-2 GBF077640313
452 167-2 GBF077640313
444 830-2 GBF077640313
452 623-2 GBF077640313
460 322-2 GBF077640313
444 830-2 GBF077640313
478 228-2 GBF077640313
436 389-2 GBF077640313

456 715-2 GBF076711470
443 947-2
478 5093

There was no code for last 2 ones but with provided links it’s clear that last 3 releases should have 1967 recording.

I will fix this in next couple of days.


Thanks :slight_smile: