Compilations with same track list but different names


I have an compilation album with the exact same track list as an existing release on musicbrainz for the same artist but the disc title is different. It also have a different barcode, copyright year and catalogue number (same label though).
Should I add it as a new release in the same release group or should it have it’s own release group?


Style / Release Group
What should be grouped together?
Release groups should be used to group variations of the same release. The following are examples of things which should normally be grouped together in the same release group:

_ The original release_

_ Re-issues_
_ Remasters_

None of which exactly answers your question, as far as I can see.

The understanding I have is that if the set of recordings in the releases are substantially the same then they will be in the same release group.

If my understanding is correct then I’ll look to edit the wiki version of Style / Release Group to include that criterion and then ask for the Documentation to be revised accordingly.



My understanding is that if the recordings are the same, it is a reissue / remaster. For classical disc titles change all the time and we keep the same release group nonetheless, so I don’t see why it should be different for the rest.


Thanks @mmirG and @Heurtebise for the quick replies! I have a follow-up question: what should be the name of the release group? (I couldn’t find this is the style guidelines)


It is usually the name of the original release


When you say “original” do you mean the oldest by release date or the one that was first added to MB?


The oldest by release date. :slight_smile: