Compilation with multiple unknown artists

Discogs has the album but only one group, Roadrunners, has any info available.

Who are all the others? I don’t know. WMP pulled the data from whatever database it uses so I’ll just have Picard sort the files with that. Not going to try tracking down info on a bunch of what’re probably one hit garage bands. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You don’t have to flesh out every artist you add. You can just add them with the type “Group” and leave them at that, with a disambiguation (e.g. “punk rock band”) if necessary.


Brazilian bands can be tricky. I’ve had a couple of Bandcamp compilations with all kinds of odd names.

When adding new unknown bands like that I was popping “Brazilian” into some of the disambiguations to make them stand out from others which may get a similar name. I also try and copy\paste the discogs links across to link MB to Discogs. Any little crumb will help the next editor.

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