Community Cleanup suggestion: Women's Composer Database

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I have a suggestion for a future Community Cleanup project: have MusicBrainz cover every composer and work listed in the Women Composers Database. As a stretch goal, work with the editors of that database to add an MBID link back here to every entry in that database.

There exists a “Women Composers Database”. It is exists as a Google Docs spreadsheet. It contains (as of this writing) 3097 entries for women composers, living and dead. It also has 36 works by a few of those composers. This works list could clearly be greatly expanded; it covers only works for wind band, and only for 3 composers.

I think this database is significant because it makes women composers more visible, in a field of music which has not been good about giving women that visibility. For more on this, read the MusicBox article A Tool For Change: The Women Composers Database, by Rob Deemer, 24 January 2018.

For each composer, the database has name, web link (to official homepage, Wikipedia article, IMSLP, or other), date of death where applicable, Area (city, province, country), genres of compositions, and ethnicity. For works, the database has title, composer, instrumentation, link to publisher, links to recordings, instrumentation, and school-grade level of the work. Obviously, some of these details are easy to fit into the present MusicBrainz schema, and some would fit only into annotations. I do think we could ensure that there is an entry and an MBID in MusicBrainz for each Artist and Work in this database.

MusicBrainz aspires to be “The universal lingua franca for music by providing a reliable and unambiguous form of music identification, enabling both people and machines to have meaningful conversations about music.” I believe the Women Composers Database would benefit from including MBIDs, as reliable links to a broader web of information about its subjects. But for that to happen, MusicBrainz needs to have entries for everything in the database. The task is large enough to be worth a community effort, but modest enough that we can expect to actually finish it in a reasonable time.

So I’ll just leave this proposal here. When next we talk about Community Cleanup #5 or #6 or whatever, let’s take a look at this again.


This might motivate me to try out some classical editing :o


It might not be classical editing, more like adding a lot of Artist records, and doing them right.

I have so far completed 1/3097 of the project: Anahita Abbasi (Iranian composer, artist/aedc6f10).


I really like this idea - I was trying to do the same once with stuff like this:

But having more sources would be great :slight_smile: Whether it’s an official one-month cleanup or a separate “BrainzProject Female Composers” (like Wikipedia has WikiProjects), it’s definitely something we should deal with :slight_smile:

Hint: a start would be to make sure we add all the CDs of works by women in the hyperion catalogue during the current cleanup :wink: