Community Cleanup #3: Dvořák

Hi all!

Our Mahler cleanup went very well (you can read more on the blog if you want), so it’s time for the third Classical Community Cleanup! The community vote decided that we should look finally look into a composer whose name we can’t type properly, the one and only Antonín Dvořák! Here’s hoping for a nice continuation of our cleaning-up tradition.

Remember: if you have any questions, just ask! I’m hoping for this thread to see a lot of activity with editors both asking and answering questions.


What to work on:

  • Review the existing works to make sure there are no duplicates and the info looks correct, and add any missing works (keep in mind while it is perfectly ok to add lost works, it’d be good to specify they’re lost so that people don’t accidentally use them on recordings).
  • Check the release list for anything that doesn’t follow the classical guidelines. Not only that should be fixed, but that’s a good sign of the recording and relationship info being incomplete too.
  • Check the recording list. The only recordings that should be here by the end of the cleanup are of Dvořák himself as a performer, if there are any (which I think there might not be?). Anything else being here should have performer relationships added to it if missing, then the artist credits for the recording should be changed to list the main performers (you can use the relevant script for that). Try to fix the whole release the recording is on, even if it’s not all by Dvořák! But in the case of a very large compilation, it’s always acceptable to fix only the Dvořák content on it.
  • Add missing Dvořák recordings! If you have enough info to add a Dvořák release we’re missing, that’s always useful. Just make sure to try to add as much info as possible from the get go, so we don’t have to clean that addition up as well :slight_smile:

If you add all the possible info to a release, please set the data quality to High too! Only do this if you’re confident you’ve added all the possible data (you have the release, or at least a full booklet, in front of you and you have added all relationships, including engineers, producers and the like).

By the way, you can get the above poster and a wallpaper version courtesy of @chhavi, in case you feel like having Dvořák himself staring at you will motivate you further! :wink:


For long suffering Windows-user types who want to get control of diacritic marks/accented characters/e with a hat/special characters and think it is time to move beyond “google search-cut-paste”:


Or buy a keyboard with this keyboard layout (or a similar one). I need it for my work (I’m a translator and editor) but I wouldn’t want to type without one anymore.

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actually, one does not need to *buy﹡ any new keyboard. simply change their keyboard layout
everything in that image I can actually type with my norwegian key-layout.

That’s true of course, but I’ve got a few dozen extra options and I’m not going to remember them all. :wink:

My recommendation: A compose key, which allows you to enter all kinds of special characters by composing them from basic ones.

For example, to get the ř in Dvořák, type compose+c+r.
To get the á, type compose+’+a

Requires a bit of memorization of the key sequences, but most of the time they are quite logical and then you can quickly type all kinds of special characters.

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Dvořák stats on December 1:

2750 řecordings
14192 třäckß
1050 řeleases
873 řelease gřoups


Shouldn’t that be třácks ?


Opinions please (see annotation):

Should we worry about the track times all being different? 5–8s might be the same recordings, but seems like it must be a different release; a second pressing isn’t going to be that different. Unless of course one of the track time sources is just wrong.

I’ve noticed that track times as printed in a booklet often differ quite substantially from the actual track times on the CD. This could account for the difference.

We have a discid, which has the same track times — so the MusicBrainz ones at least are the ones on the disc. Not sure where Discogs gets its times from.

[Also, WorldCat suggests there is at least a BMG release of this and also a few foreign ones…]

These are very old recordings. I’m confident your ID is correct.

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That Discogs release mentioned on annotation is actually here with DiscID:


If anyone feels like doing some stuff for this cleanup that does not involve fixing a ton of crappy compilation Humoresques, a lot of pages from the page could be linked to the works using the new “work list entry” relationship like here :slight_smile:


I would like to point at these recordings of Cellokonzert op. 104: movement 1, movement 2, movement 3

They have in the relationships phono copyright 1981 (added by me, from this cover) and recording date 1982-09 (added by ListMyCDs from this discogs page). Obviously, this cannot both be correct. Can anyone find out which info is wrong?

Deutsche Grammophon/Philips website (CD 15) gives December 1980 as recording date, consistent with ℗1981

I guess the date from Discogs is only valid for the recording in Dresden, i.e. the other Elgar concerto recorded with the Staatskapelle Dresden

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Thank you, loujin!
I did the changes to the recordings.

One month of cleanup

257 řecořdings -2493
15841 třaçkss +1649
1253 ɹeleäseş +203
996 řelease gřoūps +123

The same stats for all the great composers (and Handel).