Comment track - artist and track - track relationship

Just a silly idea I have. It may be a bit too much information to store, but what about a relationship between an artist and a track. For instance is a reference to Ramones so it may be ain idea to link them together.

Also reference to The Stranglers. Actually it’s even a response to so a track-track relationship may also be an idea.

It makes me think of existing work-artist relationship: Dedicated to.

Yes, that can be used if you add a work to them. Not sure “dedicated to” is always the right way to describe it.

“Band X Fucking Sucks” probably shouldn’t be marked as “dedicated to” Band X, yeah :smiley:

I’m not sure what the best way is to do this (although I’d expect it to be usually a work relationship anyway? since it’s the song itself that is about an artist).

Something similar to this would be a way to follow diss tracks in hip hop, although I guess sometimes the target of the diss is more of a guess…

“Band X Fucking Sucks” is a form of dedication, but perhaps not in the sense you normally would interpret it.
It would be great to use for diss tracks if you know the history of the track.

What is a diss (track)? Why not a diss work?

I would be happy to have this kind of thing in the database.
Work " lyrics reference " Artist.
Artist " Is referenced in the lyrics of " work.

I would also like a work to work relationship.
Work " Lyrics reference " Work
Work "are referenced in the lyrics of " work