Comercial VPN (AirVPN) blocked by all MetaBrainz sites

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I recently switched to AirVPN after having some problems with Mullvad. Unfortunately, it seems like at least one of their IP blocks are blocked by MetaBrainz. I’m unable to submit listens on ListenBrainz (or open it at all), unable to connect to MusicBrainz, and unable to use this forum while my VPN is on, but not while it is turned off. I’m able to connect to all other websites just fine with the VPN both on and off, and the same problem occurs on both my laptop (Linux) and phone (Android), so I suspect that this may be a consequence of an overzealous block list, which seems to have accidentally snagged a few commercial VPNs in the past [1] [2].

Affected IPs include 199.249.230.*, although there may be others as well.

If possible, I’d like to request that these IP addresses be removed from the blocklist. Thank you!


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Also, it may be worth looking into why so many commercial VPNs keep ending up on the block list? With the growing popularity of VPNs among computer laypeople, I’m sure there’s been users who’ve encountered this problem in the past, but lacked the familiarity with the community to post about it, or lacked the technical skills to identify it as a problem with their VPN, and so were just driven off from the community altogether.

That said, I’m no site admin, nor do I believe I have the authority to tell anyone how to do their jobs, so this is just a suggestion :​p

I’ve had the exact same experience, also having had to abandon Mullvad after they unceremoniously dropped port forwarding support, preventing me to access my NextCloud instance and my personal data. Living in a country where you need a VPN just to access the outside world, I have used many different services and never had any issue with MB, but when I switched to AirVPN Picard stopped working — I didn’t even realize it was an issue with the VPN at first, I never had network issue with Picard before.

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I have the same issue sometimes with AirVPN. I’ve worked with @Zas in the past to unblock a couple AirVPN server address ranges, and now I just make sure to connect to those. Perhaps they can help here as well…

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If many people are using these IP addresses, there are high chances that many Qnap NAS users are in the bulk.

Apparently Qnap NAS media player is making tons of requests to MBS and thus puts the IP address on blacklist.

I think I remember Qnap has been requested to change their code but maybe never did so or even never acknowledged the request.

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