Musicbrainz blocking my VPN?

Just today I losţ access to . Checking about and it may be the case that MusicBrainz implements and IP block-list for bad actors (a good thing) but my VPN provider of choice may have ended up on that list.

Is there a way to get this resolved? Or is the block-list fairly hard and fast? I prefer to run with the VPN on 24/7 as I appreciate the encryption and additional security.

Send me your IP so I can check. We updated some blocklists yesterday, VPN’s IPs are very likely to be in, as they are very often used by bad actors.

According to it currently shows as:


MY PUBLIC IPV6 IS: 2606:9580:100:F:5792:2DEC:A4B6:2419

But it may change if I change amongst VPN servers. I’m using AirVPN, if that helps – if there is a “Musicbrainz approved” VPN service, let me know and perhaps I can switch to that.

As far as being a bad actor – you’d have to ask my high school drama teacher.

I unblocked your IP on our side.
You should now have access to our services.


Thanks Zas! It’s working now. Cheers!


Hi Zas – had to reboot and got assigned a new IP on my next connection:

MY PUBLIC IPV6 IS: 2606:9580:100:D:2BD7:C37B:24C2:C069

Is there a better way to report these than posting in this chat? Thanks as always for any advice.

I unblocked your IP (and the whole /24 subnet, so you should be fine next time).

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Thanks again friend!