Collection entity edits


I have set up a collection for all the works of which I have recordings. The plan was that I would subscribe to it and be notified of any edits made. It works - too well! Today I got a notification of 434 edits and the collection is not yet complete. Almost all of them were of newly added or changed recording relationships. I really don’t care if someone adds a recording relationship - I’m really only interested in the sort of edits that would appear on the ‘edit’ tab for the work.

I can’t see how to get at this from the ‘edits for subscribed entities’ or ‘search edits’ pages. Perhaps I am missing something? Or maybe there is a possibility of using ‘free-form’ search strings in the URL - are there any resources for these?


I did the same, and found the same :slight_smile: … As a compromise I only look at open edits for my works collection, but this is not entirely satisfactory. It would be great if there were a way to exclude certain types of relationship from the search. One can select ‘relationship type’ from the ‘Search for Edits’ page but one can’t (as far as I can see) restrict to a collection.


That’s what I have chosen to do until I find a better solution.
BTW, I have written a Picard plugin that will automatically add all works on selected tracks/releases to selected works collections. If it is of interest, I will put it on github. If you use the Classical Extras plugin it will add all parent works too.


Definitely of interest. I wrote a script using python-musicbrainzngs (with some extensions to the API to support collections of recordings and works – I guess I should submit those upstream), but it doesn’t follow the paths up to parent works.


Well, the good news is, you only have to see the edits changing ’ to ’ and ft. to featuring for 10 days, then they will go away.


There is an existing ticket to add the edit search criteria entity is in my subscriptions but I never find it back:


This one (MBS-7912)?
Seems not to be assigned. I’ve voted for it.


See Plugin for work collections


Exactly this one, thanks very much, @MetaTunes!