Collection add/remove history

Is there a way to view the history of changes I’ve made to my collections? I’m not talking about edits to the albums/artists/works in my collection. I’m looking for a history of me adding or removing releases from my collections.

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Remove date is not planned, but added date was planned:

Unfortunately for me, most of my hundred of releases were added before May 2019, before added date was tracked. :wink:


That would probably be enough. I think my collections are newer than May '19, but I’m mostly interested in recent changes where I discovered I had the wrong release in my collection.

Hmm, no activity on that story in 2 years.

I’ve got quite a few of collections which others are free to collaborate on if interested but I’m also feeling a bit uneasy not being able to see when something is removed (or added on that matter).

It has already happend a couple times that I mistakenly removed or added something to the wrong collection.