Collecting notes on pending edits

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I am new here, and I have not yet delved into editing, besides some minor edits. I am busy using Picard and matching tracks. While matching, I like to keep the focus on that. So, when I notice something should be edited (that takes more than a minute), I put a note in a list and defer the editing. These notes will either be forgotten or I will eventually make time to go through them.

For example, the tracks of the Europe release of “Susana Baca” have proper title capitalization, while the US release doesn’t. (The US release actually adheres to the style guide for Spanish titles).

I am thinking it would be nice if we could leave notes for pending edits on the release pages, so that others might see them. What do you think?

@dmppanda used the annotation field on Sonny Rollins, Volume 2 to make such a todo list…



Open issues to resolve: if you think something is wrong but you’re not sure or don’t want to fix it yourself, you can write a short note to warn others about it. You may use the word “FIXME” before your note. e.g. “FIXME: some of the releases in this label page should probably be moved to label X”.

Accordingly, I’ll use the annotation field.


I have started a Fixme Release collection and a Fixme Series collection where I gather releases for which I have added Fixme annotations. Does anybody want to collaborate? Let me know and I will add you to the collection as collaborator.


There is also the good old fixme tag.
And the fixme annotation search.