Closing of mb2freedb

I use WhereIsIt? as a CD Database. Until recently I could import data from Music Brains. Now it seems the mb2freedb service has been turned off. Is there an alternative method?


The FreeDB “mirror” of the MusicBrainz database was taken down late last year; see this blog post (the date set was March 18th, but it actually stayed up for some additional months IIRC):

As the blog post says:

if you use this service, migrate to a proper MusicBrainz endpoint right now!


What this basically means is: if a specific software developer wants to continue using MusicBrainz data, they’ll need to update the software. With FreeDB itself closing (unless something has changed) in March this year, they’ll probably have to make changes anyway - most old software designed to use FreeDB will just completely break otherwise, I’d expect.


I wish. I’ve been emailing the author for months about various issues with no reply. I think WhereIsIt? ( is probably end of life. Problem is I can’t find anything that comes close to it.

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Before MusicBrainz collection existed, I used MediaMonkey to catalogue my CD.
I used it for a very short time so I don’t know if it will be as good as was WhereIsIt for you.

You can try MB collection too. :slight_smile:

The advantage of MB collection is that I can see my collection on my smartphone, when I’m at a second hand CD shop, to avoid buying duplicates and to help me focus on what I should be looking for. :slight_smile:
This would require a missing feature, but I wrote a userscript until then.