Cleanup request - Breath Of Fresh Air

This showed up on my subscription list. I could probably fix it myself, but there are issues which I may not know the guidelines for…

For example -
Why is the Label included as the artist? Is that normal for this type of music. I don’t know, I don’t deal with this type of situation.
Why is Def Squad being spelled as Defsquad?
I don’t know how we input “featuring” and “presents” and “skits”.

And I know that on track 15, Loyd is not correct. It points to a Spanish female. According to discogs (the posted source) it should be pointing to Lloyd Banks, an American rapper from Maryland.

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hey thanks for noticing the discrepancy. this is my first upload. any tips when using discogs script would be appreciated. this particular release was a pain in the butt with all the featured artists. i had to copy and paste the tag info over to musicbrainz because the script wont pick up featured artists for some reason. or, im just doing something wrong. anyway, a verification/ cleanup/ suggestions/clarifications on this release would be awesome. thanks!

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According to the Def Squad page:
“Def Squad is a rap supergroup”
If it was the label I would probably include it in the title instead of in the artist credits.

It looks like it’s spelled without a space on the cover, we can use ‘as credited’ to represent this:

When tagging you can always change your settings to just use the standard artist name.

Similar to adding an artist ‘as credited’:

This just needs some care and elbow grease!
Just go into the album, hit edit next to the artist, and then click on the correct one. Would be cool if one of you could do it, let me know if you need pointers :slight_smile:

Overall… great first edit @andrew006!
(I think) The script will only auto-fill artists if their Musicbrainz page has been linked to the Discogs page. And sometimes it still doesn’t! Albums with a lot of artists are usually just going to take some work unfortunately.

If you would like you could fill out:
status: official (doesn’t look like a bootleg)
language: english
script: latin
packaging: none (probably, if it’s a digital media release/download?)

Those are pretty straight forward!
The other one is using guess case, let me know if you have room in your brain for more info at this stage and I’ll put in another gif :wink:


this has all been great info! thank you. im sure i will use this in the future as well. ill take another shot at this release sometime today. nov 7. thanks everyone! what a great community


Using the information on the cover(s), I corrected this entry. And some of those changes assume the Discogs artist links are correct.

Probably what is going to happen is that some of the changes will not go through due to a failed dependency.
And that means in a week (or less if it gets voted on), someone will have to go and clean it up again.

But, between now and then, it’s good.

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Nice one! Why did you take ‘Defsquad presents’ out of the album artist credits though?
It’s on the cover so I don’t see why we shouldn’t leave it in.

Based on the cover - it reads “Def Squad the label”, which IMO means they are the label not the artist.
And on the album’s Discogs page, at the bottom, where it says Credits, Def Squad is listed as a Presenter, not a singer or musician.

Also, I searched some of the individual songs (to make sure Jimmy Hendrix was Jimi Hendrix and not a different artist of the same name) and they seem to be listed as Erick Sermon songs. Not Def Squad songs. And, the little that I paid attention to those details during those searches, the only mention of Def Squad that I saw was as a label.

Perhaps I am not familiar enough with the genre to be assuming that a label presenting an artist means something different than it did “in my day”. I mean, one of the first albums I worked on when I returned to the business, I was confused when I was credited as a producer even though I played an instrument. But, that album had 50 producers listed and only 3 musicians. In my day, you had 50 musicians and 3 producers. Now everyone is a DJ or Producer.


Yes, the Def Squad Discogs page makes them seem like some sort of musical artist. But I felt they are working as a label for this release.

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We just want to present things as they are on the cover, whether they are a presenter or a musician doesn’t really matter.
If you want to remove it from the credits, I would add it to the title (eg DefSquad presents Breath of Fresh Air).

I personally would like it in the artist credits because I assume that people browsing the Def Squad artist page would be interested in seeing this release that they have played some kind of large part in (or perhaps the artist involved are all part of the Def Squad ‘crew’?).

The individual songs I definitely don’t think should be credited to DefSquad, agreed :slight_smile:

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Can I ask what a presenter is?

I don’t write things like “Atlantic Records presents”, why does this label get treated special?

I don’t know what they mean in this case, and it doesn’t really matter. They can put whatever they want on the cover and we just copy it.
Musicbrainz stores music data as presented, and as much as possible tries to leave interpretation and evaluation of that data to the user.

It’s (apparently) not a label:

edit: the reason I’m not voting no is because the text doesn’t feature that prominently compared to the title and artist credit, which really leaves it up to interpretation unfortunately :slight_smile:

They also have Discogs and MB pages under ‘label’. And they are credited using the label entry for the album on both Discogs and MB.

But then how do we write it:
As it appears -

  • Defsquad presents Breath of Fresh Air Erick Sermon

or are they presenting the artist

  • Defsquad presents Erick Sermon

or are they presenting the album title

  • Defsquad presents Breath of Fresh Air



I am only here because one of the mis-targeted artist entries was on my watchlist — Watchlist, you can tell I am a WP user. MB calls it subscriptions.
So, this is all a good learning experience for me. Stepping outside of my norm.


Since they exist both as a group and as a label there is some ambiguity about how it’s meant, and as to whether it should go into the artist credits or the title. And you’re probably not going to find a definitive answer here.
If in doubt I personally would leave it as a fan who knows the artist/s has entered it.

That the label of the release is also credited to ‘Def Squad’ doesn’t mean much though, a lot of artists use their own label to self-release.

Thank you for your effort with this release :two_hearts:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t entered by a fan. It was entered by a script, which was used by a “beginner” instead of a semi-experienced editor.

I have made some needed corrections. If a fan wants to make some minor tweaks in the future, they can.

I meant a fan of the music, not MB/an experienced editor.
I’ve voted no on the artist credit change - if you don’t know the artists involved, or what credits mean, eg ‘presented’, it’s best to spend your time on other releases that you have a personal interest in/knowledge of.