Cleanup / moderation / split / complex requests

For all the obvious tasks we have some nice report flag.
But when we need to explain the forum moderator what we would like, there is no comment.
I think it’s good that the comment has been deactivated because most of the time it’s better to be straightforward for most cases.

Here is a topic for all complex forum moderator requests.

Cleanup request

Could one of the @moderators merge the following new topic with same subject into this mentionned pre‐existing topic with no answers?

Duplicate topics clutter the searches IMO.

Edit: Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@moderators, I flagged this post as off‐topic in its own thread to make it moved to this introduction thread where it is now.
Now that it has been moved here, I cannot remove my flag myself.
Could you help me, please?

No. The flag was “deferred” so the post will forever have the “off-topic” flag attached to it. Good news is that only the flagger and moderators should be able to see it. (The post keeps getting hidden though. Not sure if it’s because of you messing with the flag or if some automated thing in Discourse is doing it.)

However, even if not in that thread, the post was still not off-topic, as generally nothing is off-topic in General chatter.