Merge concert album and video release groups?

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There was an interesting discussion on the old forums about this with lots of examples and a kind of consensus but I really cannot find it back this time.

I have the case again and still don’t know what to think.

This has been discussed previously (Merge concert album and video release groups?) and I’m unaware of any consensus on the issue. The reason I’m making a new thread instead of necro-bumping that thread is because I’ve run across a similar issue: video albums. Video albums were sort of long-form music videos released on home video in the 1980s, sometimes as companions to their audio-only counterparts. I don’t know if it’s ever been discussed at length whether these video albums should be given their own release groups or be lumped in with their audio-only counterparts. Any thoughts?

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Did they tend to have roughly the same tracklist as the audio (even if reordered), or were they more a selection of tracks from the album? If the former, I’d think keep them in the same release group, but if the latter, they would probably be best as a separate single group linked to the main one. Either way, it sounds like you wouldn’t want to be using the same recordings, and instead populate it with (probably new) ones specified to be videos.

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I have seen at least one where that was the case.

Of course :wink:


Duplicate topic of:

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