Cleaning up this artist. (NCT + Sub groups in one artist)

I am not sure how to deal with this artist entry I came across

This artist would appear to be a mix of NCT - MusicBrainz and it’s sub groups NCT 127 - MusicBrainz NCT DREAM - MusicBrainz

There is just 1 listener for this group name on, so I assume someone added it for their own sake on The exact name returns only 3 results in google 1 being the entry.

Given the number of releases for NCT albums, I am kind of nervous about messing up someone elses work (@wtfislibrious ?) so I was hoping maybe someone else would want to deal with it for me lol I have tried forgetting about it, but it is still there gnawing at me


This looks to me like a bogus artist created to store NCT releases. It should be merged to their proper releases, I can do it later.

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Thank you! I very much appreciate it!

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