Classical: same work, different performer -- shortcuts?

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Hi -

I would like to enter a release into MB. It’s a 2011-12 recording, on the Naxos label, of the work “Les Heures Persanes” by Charles Koechlin. The performer is pianist Ralph van Raat.

There is already a recording of this work in MB, but by a different performer, Kathryn Stott:

Is there any way to use the existing MB record as a “basis” or template for entering the new one? The tracks should no doubt have the same names, in the same order, etc.

This would expedite entry.



If you’re entering the new release in the same release group, you should be given the option to use an existing release as the template for the track list. If not, you could always open the one you want to copy from for editing and then open the track list in the Track Parser. Copy the information, close the parser and abort the edit. Then open the track parser on the one you’re entering and paste the information. It’s not the ideal way, but I have used it on a few occasions.

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