Cinram GmbH Alsdorf pressing plant is both the owner and alias of its predecessors

I’m really confused here:

The pressing plant Cinram GmbH Alsdorf has the following “owner relations”:

Vollbildaufzeichnung 08.05.2022 192946

and at the same time the following aliaseseses:

Vollbildaufzeichnung 08.05.2022 193649

I have no idea how an entity can be part of another entity and at the same time an alias of this entity.

Can somebody explain this, please.

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I you look at the right side of the table you will find that these aliases are only valid for certain time periods. Pressing plants usually only have the name of the owning company. The Cinram GmbH is it’s current owner. The aliases help finding the plant if you search by one of its names.


Notice the owners are “Labels”. A different entity.

The aliases are just ways that people search for this plant \ location. Not always an official name of the plant.

Plants \ locations don’t move so always stay the same entity. A Label becomes a new entity with each change of management.

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I see, but then you have two choices of adding a plant. I wanted to add WMME Alsdorf and I was led to Cinram. Var. 1. Cinram GmbH + WMME Alsorf as alias.
But when I click on WMME Alsdorf I jump to Warner Music Manufacturing Europe with the following alias:

Var. 2. Warner Music Manufacturing Europe + alias

I understand what’s happening here but I have to admit: This is really tough even for experienced users :wink:


Agree it is confusing, but we are making some sanity from the madness. Slowly.

If you search on “Area” it is a “manufactured at” and will be the current name of the building.

If you search “Label”, it is “manufactured by” and can be a closer description to match what you have on the release.

I generally just stick to noting the label.

Got a picture we can see?


Kind of :wink: But when I have a look at the releases with “manufactured by” for the companies and “pressed by” for the plants (“pressed at” doesn’t exist") and the companies / plants have the same name, I just want to leave the plane without a parachute :wink:
But it’s not me I’m worrying about, I’m just thinking about new users, who are just trying to find a way through this jungle. Most guys here have been experienced when they started here, I suppose :wink:


Experience is learnt. I knew zero on this subject a few years ago. Then I needed to start sorting between my EMI SWINDON and EMI UDEN CDs when adding a new Release. They are easy when compared to this German factory. I have far too many 1990s CDs so have spent a bit of time trying to sort out some of this puzzle.

As I said above, I just focus on “Manufactured by” \ “Pressed by” \ “Glass Mastered by”. And find text that fits best. Sometimes this means I actually have two “Manufactured by” as there is different text on the back of the CD case when compared to what is written on the CD.

I am always keen to share knowledge as I learn more that way. I think @ernstlx is similar. We are both addicted to this and need to share our addictions so we don’t seem so weird :crazy_face:


It’s really great to have people like you, when climbing a mountain like MB :wink:
I’ve had more than 10 years and 100.000+ edits at discogs but I still feel like an absolute beginner here.
I’ll jump on your nerves more often. Promised!


Always feel free to ask daft questions. The more we share how we work, the more we all learn.

I’m still learning all the time. I don’t pretend to be an expert in any of this, but the more I share, the more I learn. We are climbing this mountain together and we should be guiding each other up that path.

I’ve been editing only 5 years, but closing on those 200,000 edits soon…