Choosing label for digital release

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The band Paradise Lost recently released two of their albums, Host (1999) and Believe in Nothing (1999), digitally for the first time. See for the announcement.

I’m unsure about the label. Both albums were originally released by EMI and not made available digitally for licensing issues. Now Paradise Lost have somehow managed to clear this up and get the albums released digitally. But both Amazon and 7 Digital list “Paradise Lost” as the label (see, Does this indicate there is no label and this should be considered a self-release (meaning we use “[no label]”)? Or just keep it empty, as we don’t know? Also Paradise Lost have just now signed a contract with Nuclear Blast, it might be this is related, but I guess Nuclear Blast would be listed as a label if it was the label :slight_smile:

The albums in question are:

Also it is not quite clear to me if this should be considered a single release, linked to all the shops (which I think is true) or should it be a separate release per shop (which looks strange IMHO, but I have seen this). I personally only add separate releases for different shops if the release clearly differs (e.g. bonus tracks), but so far I have avoided linking a single release to multiple shops due to the uncertainty involved :smiley:


I guess if you don’t know enter nothing, but it sounds like [no label]. Like you say, I wouldn’t add releases for each store unless you know the tracks, artwork, etc. are different. That issue is also discussed in

where consensus is against per store (and broadly different file formats)