Checking emails / notifications for notes on other people's edits

[Moderator note: discussion split from an autoeditor election, based on the sentence “I do not actively monitor the e-mail attached to this account. If you need to get a hold of me urgently please leave a note on one of my edits.”]

My understanding of that is “I check notes from the New notes page rather than from the email”, which would make sense in theory at least, although we really should make that easier.


That’s right, but it requires you to visit the site in the first place.

And you will not see notes on that page unless they are on your own edits. For voters that page is useless.

I’m the same. I rarely check the mailbox associated with this site. Just login regular and watch out for notes on edits. I also have a bookmarked search for edits I have replied to.

Can’t see it being an issue if they are responding to edit notes.


That seems like something we very much need to improve, I entered to deal with that sooner or later.

I don’t think this is necessarily a reason to vote for or against an auto-editor since we don’t expect they must be very active voters (this specific one is not), but we really should support non-email people better :slight_smile:


If I know this why should I contact you? If I leave a note on an edit that’s not your own there is a chance you never see it. If I don’t see the responses on open (or closed) edit why bother leaving a note in the first place? It can give the impression of talking to a wall.

I’ve stopped counting the many times I’ve left notes and never heard back or saw any other kind of reaction.


But if it is not my edit why would I be notified by email anyway?

If you left a note on an edit I made then it pops up at the top of the site to let me know. I sometimes see notes from very old edits flagged here and will respond.

Also remember the site allows you to opt out of these emails:

I like the idea of MBS-13359 and would be useful to have a section on the site alongside “Notes left on my edits”. Maybe a “Responses to my edit notes”. It is why I personally have that search bookmarked to keep track of conversations I am taking part in on other people’s edits.

Many forum users on this and other sites will make use of the notification systems in different ways. We don’t all send everything to a single email mailbox. The mailbox I have here is specific to a sub-set of my hobbies. Its just the way I organise things. I don’t want notifications from MB popping up in my work inbox, I get distracted by MB enough as it is. :grin:


Because edit note discussions are supposed to be a back and forth: you ask “hey, why are you doing X” and you want to know when the other person tells you why they’re doing X.


Some of those discussions can go off on mad tangents. It’s why I have a search setup so I can look during the week the debate is ongoing. I have also had to leave those discussions due to the tone being taken by some editors.

Remember that the site profile itself allows us to opt-out of these emails. So I don’t see why someone not checking an email box would be an issue. We all communicate in different ways. As long as we communicate there should be no issue. The person being voted for here as an AE comes with a glowing recommendation as to how well they communicate. I see it as a positive that they made it clear they don’t check emails. I have a similar note on my own profile.

If someone never responds to edit notes, then that is when it would be an issue. :slight_smile:

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I agree that ideally both you wouldn’t need them to go to email and that we would have a “stop letting me know about stuff in this note” button. Right now with things as they are it seems super hard to stay on top of notes without email, but if you manage it, that’s great!

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I think your MBS-13359 suggestion would be real useful as I would not need my custom search then.

I assume if someone was posting something controversial in an edit note then they would follow that up? But then everyone is different…

I do agree with @chaban’s frustration of not getting replies to an edit note, but at the same time fully understand why for some editors MB is a low priority.

Funnily enough I have a handful of bookmarks on old edits where I have asked questions that were never answered… sometimes check these over but know that once a post is more than a few weeks old it will never be replied to.

While I was typing I did see you had moved the posts and also wondered where my reply was about to go… :smiley: Copy\Paste is easy enough.

I’ll turn these off for the time being:

Send me a PM if it’s important. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I wasn’t being serious. It was just disabled for a day.

Please forgive my wall of text:

I’m one of those people who only checks their email if they have a link they need to click to activate an account. I did make a special account just for MB after awhile and now do monitor mine. But still really not a fan of email for these things. I would love if the site had a notification system like most others have these days. Like this forum in fact. I come to the forum and see a little notification thing on my profile icon with a count and clicking it gives me more info that I can dig into. I’d love to see something similar on MB with it all broken down into groups(No votes, comments on my edits, replies to my comments, etc).

As for the ability to get notifications outside of visiting the site, I would much rather that be a feature of the mobile app(Though there sadly isn’t an iOS one yet). If the app could give push notifications it lets me customize the notifications to my needs rather than be grouped in with all the junk that comes to my email. And I am sure there is countless others that hate checking their email for similar reasons. Notification spam these days is hugely stressful, and I am not saying I or anyone should ignore MB notifications, but with email being the delivery method it forces people to sift through everything else as well or create special addresses so they don’t have to. (To clarify the only problem I have is with is the delivery system)

That said I understand there is limited developer time and it may not be practical currently. But I think that would be a great longer term goal at least. (emphasis to be clear I understand)

I can’t speak for anyone else. But for me, my routine with this site and life has me coming to the site to check stuff like my subscriptions daily already, and receiving an email isn’t going to have me come check outside that time(For example, votes I get from you are usually when I’m asleep, and I check in the morning regardless). More casual editors who don’t come daily I know this won’t be the same for. But those of us who are on this site daily already a notification outside of the site won’t prompt much faster of a response. So as long as I can see these notification on the site, they will be dealt with just as quick.

In fact, on that note. If the site had a notification system like these forums and it used Desktop notifications that would be infinitely more useful for me than an email.


I can feel this way, but sometimes it might be because some people simply do not give a hoot, certainly those ruddy accounts that love to self-promote their own stuff in really insane ways and when you try to say “hey please follow this guideline” they ignore you because in their mind they’ve done what they set out to achieve (which is ultimately spam in the name of “SEO”) so sometimes I just find it easier to go in over the top of them and do it myself.

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My approach for this has been to create private artist, label, recording, release, and RG collections named “check”. When I leave a comment about an issue, I also click the “Add to check” link for the entity. Once a month or so, I go through the entities in the collections and fix the issues myself if the original editors didn’t do it.


We’re going OT on a thread already split as OT once, so let’s try to keep this mostly on topic :smiley: But I think we need to understand that for example artists adding their own content who only come to MusicBrainz once every year or six months just won’t remember the guidelines, nor honestly care either - and that’s fair! For them this is a very small part of what is already a fairly stressful “register my music everywhere so that someone might listen to it at all” process. In these cases, I feel it’s not a big deal if they ignore edit notes and whatnot, because they won’t be adding a lot of edits anyway.

The main problem is when this happens with someone who actively uses MusicBrainz for their entire collection, but has an attitude like “I’ll add things my way and tag with it and if someone doesn’t like it they can fix it all afterwards”.