Charlie XCX Boom Clap - Mixes Question

Ultimately I’m calling on any Charlie XCX fans here to help me work out if this statement on the Wikipedia article is correct.

The wikipedia article mentions there are two mixes of this song; one that was originally used in the film The Fault in Our Stars, the soundtrack for the film and the music video; and another that is for a music video in Japan and appears on the album Sucker.

The issue I’m having is I cannot find this supposed second mix. I have found the Japanese language variant but no such specific music video.

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Howdy - not sure how helpful it is, but the Japanese mix was released on the JP release of Sucker -

However, if memory serves correctly, the music video filmed in Japan never actually had the Japanese mix as the backing track:


Not sure about which mix is used in which music video, but it is true there are two mixes.

Soundtrack version
Album version

You can notice the difference right at the beginning after the “boom boom boom clap”. The beats in the album version sound more aggresive while the soundtrack version is more tender. Not an expert in instrumentation, but there are definetely instruments that can be heard in the chorus of the album version that are not present in the soundtrack version as well.

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ok that’s what i was thinking - fun and games to prize the recordings apart :sweat:

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