Changing Status of a release from (unknown) to Official

Hi all - I have a release that I uploaded in 2018 that has a status of “unknown”.
I’d like to change this to Official. Any ideas how to do this or would I have to recreate the release?
Also - if somebody with the power to change it (I noticed it’s set as “null” in the edit data), I’d really appreciate it if you could do so!

I’m assuming the result of changing it to Official would mean the songs would be associated with the release on, which uses musicbrainz as a datasource.

Thanks in advance

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No need to recreate, just go on your release in Musicbrainz, click edit and set status to Official then finish and enter edit.

PS: Cannot do it for you since you didn’t give the name of the release :slight_smile:



Thanks for your reply.
The problem I was having was I was editing the release GROUP not the release itself.
So “status” was not popping up.
A little confusing, but managed to get it done :slight_smile: