Changing credits for a newly created work

Greetings. This is a question probably mostly for @reosarevok , since i asked about this sometime ago.


  1. Create a new work for recording (a case of completely new release).
  2. Assign composers to it.
  3. Notice that you assigned wrong composers.
  4. Replace wrong ones with correct ones.

The problem that this change is pending for 7 days, while i suppose it should be free to change within 3 days for you since this is a new release. When i asked previously i did it another way - i removed the wrong credits and assigned a correct ones ones - and, since this was a “destructive” edit, it required 7 days anyway. The case of changing/replacing credits shouldnt require 7 days, but i suppose for now it still isnt so.

Target edit/release:


There is a feature request to enable the same grace period that exists on release entities to all other entities:

It would be nice that when I created an entity recently, if no one else has made any edits on it, my own fix edits on it would be auto-edits, during that grace period.


Apparently this general entity ticket was closed and we have separate tickets per entity types: release, recording, and… that’s all for the moment?


This already applies to works actually, it seems… but that’s for editing the work, such as changing the name. Relationships are not included here (I don’t think they are included anywhere, actually, including for releases?)

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I think (like @jesus2099 said) it would be nice to apply the same free “owner” edit period to the newly created works as well or there would be a situations like mine - you can quickly fix errors on tracklist/recordings levels, but not the works level.


Yeah, I can totally see the use of also being able to change the relationships fast, but I’m not sure how easy it is to check whether the user just added the relationship and it should still be changeable. It shouldn’t be impossible, in any case - I didn’t find a ticket for this so I added one:


I’d also vote for a “24 hour window” on correcting any of your own edits. It’s always a headache when you add a disambiguation to a recording, then spot a daft typo which waits 7 days before getting corrected.