Changing CD Track Timing Without Removing Disc IDs?

I am trying to edit the track timing for one of my band’s CDs on MusicBrainz. This release already has a Disc ID, added by myself using Picard last year. I just noticed however that the length of tracks originally manually entered in the Musicbrainz entry are not the same as the track timing on the disc itself. There is a total difference of 12 seconds from the CD to the Musicbrainz entry

I tried to edit the Musicbrainz entry but I am seeing this error “The medium has one or more discids which prevent this information from being changed.”.

Is there any way to bypass this or do I have to delete the Disc ID that I added, then change the track timing, then re-add the Disc ID? It would be so much easier if this could be overridden because I don’t want to have to dig through my boxes to find the CD again. It’s packed away. Does anyone of the moderators have extra access and could help?

  1. Go to the Disd ID tab of the release
  2. Click your Disc ID
  3. Click Apply track times next to your release
  4. You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Amazing! Thanks a million!

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@jesus2099: Is it
3. Click “Set track durations”?


Yes, that is exactly that.