Change Release Group Default Image

It seems that by default, the cover art shown on a Release Group is of the earliest/first release within that group. But what about when promos and advanced copies (with earlier dates than the main version) are added in the database and have stripped down covers or alternate covers nothing like the main release. Those still show up by default on the Release Group cover art. Is there a way to change that?


Yes, on the release group page select “Set cover art” and you can choose which release will be used for the RG cover art.


And if you saw that behaviour, maybe we should raise an issue: it would always take official releases first, if any.

Do you remember some examples? I thought it would take the first uploaded cover.


It’s always seemed kind of random to me. Just the other day I uploaded cover art to a newly-created release and it took over the RG image, had to manually switch back…

It’s the first release in the release group (in official section, btw).