CDs with no label

I have three CDs self-produced by a professional musician. Do they belong on MusicBrainz? If they do how do I deal with the fact that there is no label? One of them has a listing on MusicBrainz with very little information. I was going to fill in the information but began to wonder if this release should be on MusicBrainz. He does sell digital versions from his website:

So, do these get into the database?


I believe that they should be included because they have been “released” by the artist and are available for purchase. As to the label, I suggest that you use [no label], which is a special purpose label for just this type of situation.


MB is not is not Wikipedia. We have no standards. Err, I mean, notability requirements.

Ok, while I say that in jest, it is true. If it is music, it gets listed. There is no “10,000 copies sold” or “36 independent reviews from reliable sources” kind of requirement.

I may not agree with how open we are, but I don’t run the place.


Thanks, both of you. I like the inclusive approach myself. I’ll go ahead and add them.