CDJapan + Neowing import scripts

I’ve created a userscript for CDJapan ( This is my first attempt at an import script so let me know if you have any suggestions or issues. Enjoy!

(click install)


Your link sends me to a 404 page :confused:

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Should be working now

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Do you know if cdjapan usually has accurate tracklists?

I just remember that they mix Latin (pseudo-release stuff) and Japanese. Maybe Neowing is better for this particular issue?

I don’t really use them, so I don’t know how reliable they are.

They seem to share the same database and therefore share the same issues.

Both have missing tracklists on some releases and as you said frequently mix Latin and Japanese script. Also found some releases are missing on neowing that are available on cdjapan. There’s also the issue of the language barrier since I can’t read Japanese.

Adding support for neowing would be fairly trivial though. The layout is almost identical.


Some feedback:

  1. I think you should ignore Neowing’s Distributor field. It is conceptually not the same thing as a MusicBrainz Release Label. For example, the distributor of CDJapan : Bamboo Rendez-Vous [Shipping Within Japan Only] MEIMEI(CV:HANAZAWA KANA) CD Album is “Avex Marketing”, which is never a Release Label in MusicBrainz.
  2. I am seeing Japanese track titles with romanized artist credits (using CDJapan : Bamboo Rendez-Vous [Shipping Within Japan Only] MEIMEI(CV:HANAZAWA KANA) CD Album as an example). I think it will be more useful if the CDJapan importer is strictly for the romanized/transliterated pseudo-release. For both Japanese titles and Japanese artist credits, Neowing would work better.

Thanks for the feedback

  1. Unfortunately cdjapan uses the same field for both the label and distributor. Take for example this release which has the correct label “Universal Music” or more accurately “Universal Music Group” as mentioned here. IMO it would be more useful to keep it and let the user decide to discard it or not. Besides in many instances this field is missing anyway.

  2. I’ve updated it to prefer the romanized titles now and fall back to the japanese titles if those aren’t available.

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Don’t forget to set Pseudo-release as release type.


It’s not the correct label though, as you’ve elaborated on yourself, and so pre-populating the search box with that text won’t lead to the correct label in this example either. Furthermore, officially, Universal Music Group is the corporate logo of the record company since 2020, and so I’d consider the release label to just be Virgin.

In any case, I’d call this a 2nd example of why the CDJapan distributor field isn’t a good source of data for the MusicBrainz release label field.

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  • Updated to use 2 buttons instead. One for the official Japanese titles and the other for Latin with Pseudo Release status.
  • Removed the label/distributor field for now.