CD stub/discid search returning the wrong results

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Hi all,

when searching the database using the CD stub Type and a discid MB returns the wrong results:

Searching for: fUq9MQDUE0DmMQvwL5Ce61gxe3k-
gives the page: search result
but the result is two CD stubs that do not have that discid.

The correct stub is here: correct

Am I doing something wrong?


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One little mistake, you forgot to select the advanced search method.

But you still won’t get results for it since it’s no longer a stub. Once attached to a medium CD stubs are removed and seemingly not restored when the edit is canceled.

That makes sense, thanks. Although it is odd that the standard search method returns anything.

Is there any way via the GUI to search against discids?

I can get it programmatically via:"

There is :smiley:

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Or just

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