CD appears to be re-relase with additional tracks. Best way to enter?

I’ve picked up a Decca CD in their British Music Collection series which seems identical to a L’Oiseau Lyre release already in MusicBrainz with four additional tracks (performed by a different artist). I’m wondering the right way to enter this. Presumably it’s not in the same release group as there are extra pieces. “Use and exsitng release as a starting point” would put it in the same release group, as far as I can tell. Is it a case of reentering the track titles for the Decca release, or is there a proper way to copy those tracks across to a new release?

Specifically, the recording I’m talking about is John Blow’s Venus and Adonis (Pickett), and the additional four tracks are are organ voluntaries perfromed by Gusthav Leonhardt.


You can start from the same release group, click Add release, select the existing release in the Release duplicates tab and go back to the Release Information tab to change the release group there. That way you’ll easily inherit the recordings from the original release.


For me it’s the same release group as this is a new edition with 4 bonus tracks.
Can you link the existing release our tell how many tracks it has?


The original release has 26 tracks. Here it is: Release “Venus & Adonis” by John Blow; Catherine Bott, Michael George, New London Consort, Philip Pickett - MusicBrainz

I’ll have a go at @mfmeulenbelt 's suggestion and see how I get on.

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Style / Release Group

What should be grouped together?

releases which have bonus tracks or even bonus discs.


That worked. So something like this:

I can’t be sure about the voluntaries, because there is zero info on them in the booket. So it’s based on length, key and performer.

Please review Edit #88844034 - Merge release groups.
I didn’t get it what made this eligible for a specific release group.

Bonus track versions are always in same release groups.

This is not a re-recording, is it?

If it is a new recording, it should be different release group indeed, but it should also be different MB recordings.

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I don’t think it’s a new recording. Same tracks, same personnel. Four short organ voluntaries added for the barget re-issue. At least that’s how I’m reading it. I’ve not heard the L’Oiseau Lyre vesion, so it’s hard to tell. No info in the booklet. It is also the same venue (Withamstow Assembly Hall). So I think it should be in the same release group. Maybe I got that wrong. I’m new to the web interface and am making quite a lot of errors with it.


To clarify, I was originally under the impresseion that it should have its own release group, but the link provided by @jesus2099 changed my mind.


Thanks for adding this new edition, Nick.

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